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Helena Montelius
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant
Welcome to my website!
I am grateful and honored to share the two loves of my
life, Inquiry & Ceremony, the Buddha & the rose petals,
with you.
The Work Inquiry has been, and continues to be, the most powerful practice I have found for spiritual awakening.
The Work held me through the darkest nights of my soul
and helps me transform everyday frustrations, like those
dirty dishes in the sink!
Ceremony is not only a way to celebrate uplifting life transitions, like births and weddings, ceremony is also a way to healing, forgiveness, finding deeper meaning and moving forward
during heart breaking life passages.
I work to support inner peace and awakening in the world.
I would love to share The Work and/or co-create a sacred ceremony with you. Blessings.

Upcoming Events with Helena:

Jan.29-March 5th Question Your Thoughts about Teachers.
6 week The Work on-line class co-facilitated with Cindy Ross.
Wednesdays 5.00-6.30 PT (CA-time)

March 11-April 29 Ending the War Within-Question 101 Self-Critical Thoughts. 8 week on-line-class Tuesdays 10-11.30 am PT. (CA-time)
May 1-7 Deep Dolphin Immersion & Healing
The Work/Dolphinswim Vacation/Retreat Big Island of Hawaii.
Aug. 8-10 2014  Radical Shift into Love.
Fourth Annual Women's Retreat at Sierraville Hot Springs, California.

January 14, 2014:
Dear Friends,
feeling deep gratitude for the amazing events and seminars of 2013 and excited for this up-coming year 2014 of offerings. The class I am teaching with Cindy Ross on our beliefs about teachers is my first class I teach through ITW (Institute for the Work)!
The first Ending the war Within class was so powerful that the participant asked for an extension, so now I am presenting it in the new 8-week format. It was profoundly moving to go so deep together and heal places of shame, self-hate and comparison.
The dolphins have been calling me to come back to Hawaii, so I am returning and hope you can come to this potently, powerful and fun combination of letting go of our stories as we play with the dolphins.

Namaste & Blessings, Helena

Rosepetal of Awakening Practice

  • What are the most stressful thoughts you would like to see through and undo in 2014?
  • Identify and write down the 3 most stressful thoughts that often re-occurs in your mind.
  • Put your list of 3 thoughts in a place where you see them every day.
  • Send them love and compassion, like little lost children, and surround them with a bubble of light.
  • How could your life be different if you did not believe these thought?
  • Let yourself imagine your life without believing these stories.
  • Find 3 practical examples for each thought, of how your life could be different if you didn't believe them anymore.



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