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Helena Montelius
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant
Welcome to my website!
I am grateful and honored to share the two loves of my
life, Inquiry & Ceremony, the Buddha & the rose petals,
with you.
The Work Inquiry has been, and continues to be, the most powerful practice I have found for spiritual awakening.
The Work held me through the darkest nights of my soul
and helps me transform everyday frustrations, like those
dirty dishes in the sink!
Ceremony is not only a way to celebrate uplifting life transitions, like births and weddings, ceremony is also a way to healing, forgiveness, finding deeper meaning and moving forward
during heart breaking life passages.
I work to support inner peace and awakening in the world.
I would love to share The Work and/or co-create a sacred ceremony with you. Blessings.

Upcoming Events with Helena:

July 9-August 27  Ending the War Within ~ Question 101 Self-Critical Thoughts
8 week on-line class Wednesdays 7.30-9.00 p.m PT. (CA-time)
July 17-August 21  Healing Heartbreak ~ Question 101 Thoughts about Death, Loss & Grief.
6 week on-line-class Thursdays 11 a.m-12.30 PT (CA-time) 
August 8-10 2014  Radical Shift into Love ~ Meeting the Beloved Within
Fourth Annual Women's Retreat at Sierraville Hot Springs, California.

June 3, 2014:
Dear Friends,
right at the beginning of summer I am moving through big shifts in my personal  life...divorcing, moving, making a new home, creating a new relationship with my daughter and meeting a new sweet love...all deep and sweet and painful.
Inquiry and ritual is always there, holding me tight through these rites of passage and helping me transmute and heal grief.
I would love for you to join me, in the middle of the heat of summer, in the Ending the War Within class, to see through, heal and shift all critical thoughts about yourself, your offerings, your appearance and anything you feel ashamed of.
This year I have women who return for the fourth time to the yearly Women's Retreat in Sierraville Hot Springs! Time to be with sisters, cleanse your body and mind and have a lot of fun! If you sign up together with a friend, one of you can come for half price!
The Healing Heartbreak class is one of my most powerful offerings, inspired by the process that my son's death delivered me into. In the midst of my darkest grief I prayed that something beautiful would come out of it that could be passed on to others. My prayers were answered.
May all beings who suffer find the quiet place within.

Namaste & Blessings, Helena

Rosepetal of Awakening Practice

I love this practice of turning around a positive projection. We play with it every year at the Women's Retreat in Sierraville.

  • Give someone a heartfelt, authentic and specific compliment.
  • When you have a moment alone, close your eyes and turn the compliment around to yourself. Give yourself that compliment.
  • Find three genuine examples of how that compliment is as true for you.
  • Write down your examples and place them on your mirror, on office desk or refrigerator.
  • Enjoy and keep those examples coming!


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